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About Chris

Your friendly site controller is a grown man who should know better, with a ridiculously large collection of dodgy old films on videotape. He lives in a very ordinary house (not a castle) in an ordinary village (no, not Midwich) in the middle of the Cheshire countryside (not Transylvania, Surrey or an island just off Scotland). He's a journalist, he's in his 30s, and his wife despairs. His name is Christopher, and although he shares your interest in dodgy old films, he doesn't want to meet you in the flesh. You might be mental.

About the site

In the 1960s and 70s, the British film industry was a thing to behold. They were making films like nobody's business, and the things were popular as well. It's hard to believe it now, but back in those heady days people couldn't get enough of what Hammer, Amicus and the rest had to offer, be it vampire vixens, witchfinding generals, or (ahem) Robin Askwith in his red pants.

So welcome to British Horror Films, a site which glories in, reviews and comments on horror films made in Britain, or by British people with British money in other places.

The site is supposed to be lighthearted, so occasionally you might find I've taken the mickey out of a particularly cherished classic. Please bear in mind that I love this stuff as much as you do, but occasionally, it has to be said, these films were crap.

Now, I don't see why I have to explain myself, but there has been one too many e-mails recently asking what I'm playing at. So here's a brief guide to what the site is and why it's here:

• This is a site devoted to films that were either made in Britain, or financed (either wholly or in part) by British companies. So will all the Spanish people who keep asking me "why no Re-animator?" please bugger off to a site dedicated to American films, please.

• As I see films, I review them. That's why there are some omissions. Be patient.

• I'm sorry, but Company Of Wolves is overrated. There, I've said it. You wouldn't believe how much bile that review generated, I can tell you.

• No, I can't supply people with copies of Psychomania, or anything else. At least, not at the moment (my second VCR is knackered). If this situation changes, I'll let you know.

• The idea of the site is to supply amusing (hopefully) reviews of occasionally bad films. Not all the horror films made by British companies were bad, but many were. If I didn't love them, I wouldn't watch them (and this site wouldn't exist). Don't get a bag on just because I hated Hammer's The Witches and you loved it. It's a free country, after all. I try not to give the endings away in most cases (although if you don't know what happens at the end of The Wicker Man you need a good kicking). One of the ideas of the site is for 30-somethings to try and re-discover that half-forgotten film that they saw late at night in 1978 which scared them stupid. In order to do that, I have to give away a few plotlines.

I hope that makes some sense. If you want to know more, contact me.


Company Of Wolves

The Witches - aaagh! Shite!

The Wicker Man

Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter

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