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The Beast Must Die

This one's not picked up many plaudits since it was released in the early 70s, which is a shame, really. I enjoyed it so much that I'm surprised no-one else liked it . sincerely.
And it's not even a "so bad it's good" kind of film - it's just, well - different. Of course, some bits don't stand up to close scrutiny - there are so many red herrings it's untrue, and the "werewolf" is a big dog wrapped in a fur coat. But the film itself is great.
Allow me to explain.
The opening is great, with its 70s style funky music, and it immediately goes straight into a frantic chase, with Calvin Lockhart's Shaft-like funky black man being chased by troops through the English countryside.
Of course, it turns out that the "victim" is actually a multi-millionaire big game hunter, who gets his jollies being chased around his estate (like you do).
The idea is to test out his state of the art burglar alarm system, but in the end it's all been a waste of time, because the system's crap. Anyway, he's also invited a bunch of people to stay in his home because "one of them is a werewolf" (how he's worked this out is anyone's guess - it's never explained in the film).
Of course, he does what any self respecting host would do when a group of people are staying for the weekend - he scares the shit out of them by pretending to be shot dead. The wacky guy.
He then tells 'em what he's decided to do, adds that none of them are allowed to leave (which goes down well), and then starts flapping when they begin to get killed one by one.
The aforementioned red herrings come thick and fast, with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. All of the guests have had people die horribly near them in the recent past, and most of them have got hair where they shouldn't - backs of hands etc (what did you think I meant?)
As the suspects get whittled down one-by-one, Agatha Christie-style, our hero gets more and more stressed. Finally you have the piece de resistance, a 30 second "Werewolf Break" which gives you, the viewer, the chance to decide for yourself who's the guilty party.
Don't take any notice of what you might read about this film - it's ace. And it's got Peter Cushing in it.

Spooky intro explaining the "werewolf break" 76k
Call it what you like...
Calvin Lockhart's appalling acting 43k
It bit me...
The fantastic denouement16k
This is the werewolf break
Self explanatory, really 9k